Working Experience

Professional Working Experience

1. Freelance Community Development Expert, Morogoro, Tanzania, 2014 to date

Descriptions: Provide consultation services in; Research, Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation, Literature review, Agriculture entrepreneurship, Youth coaching and counseling and Web design as well as Development. Website

Key Roles/Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Provision of technical support in research, project planning, implementation, monitoring as well as evaluation, community development issues, entrepreneurship development and agriculture development
  • Managing work team and coordinate consultation activities
  • Coordinate and cooperate with clients in planning and execution of consultation activities
  • Conduct intensive literature review, design research methodology, prepare data collection tools, coordinate data collection process, report writing and presentation
  • Author at Tanzania Social Development Guide (

Key Achievements:

  • Established a productivity team and delegated operational tasks to team members and hence increased effectiveness of activities
  • Addressed different client needs such as planning, monitoring and evaluation, proposal designing, literature review, data analysis and organization, report writing and research as well as business plan development, entrepreneurship development and agriculture development.

2. Township Executive Officer (TEO) Assistant, Mkuu Township Authority, 2016

Descriptions: Volunteering --- Mkuu Township Authority Executive Officer’s office

Key Roles/Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Monitor social services including schools, health centers, electricity and water supply
  • Gather information about provision of social services and analyze/discuss it with responsible personnel
  • Prepare as well as chairing meetings and present reports to different committees
  • Organizing feedback and communicate areas for improvement to specific stakeholders
  • Participate in community development training, workshops and researches

Key Achievements:

  • Monitored social services provision, making follow-up and provision of recommendations for improvement of services
  • Increased effectiveness and simplify Township Executive Office tasks by 70%
  • Gained trust by Township Executive Officer and appointed as his representative in different managerial responsibilities outside the office

3. Ward Executive Officer Assistant, Rombo District Council , 2015

Descriptions: Internship --- Makiidi Ward Executive Officer’s office

Key Roles/Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Participate in monitoring of social services and in Conflicts management.
  • Assist Ward Executive officer in coordination community development activities

Key Achievements:

  • Monitored social services within ward and suggested areas for improvement.

4. Community Activist, AckySHINE Charity, 2011 to date

Descriptions: Community Activist at AckySHINE Charity which is a Personal Program aiming to promote peace, protect environment, induce community and personal development. AckySHINE Charity Website:

Key Roles/Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Planning, designing and publishing different campaign about peace, Environment protection, Community development and personal development
  • Monitoring of campaign and receiving feedback for improvement

Key Achievements:

  • Conducted different campaign about Peace, Environment protection, Community development and Personal development
  • Reached more than 2100 people monthly

Research and Field Working Experience

1. Data Processing Specialist, Morogoro , 2013 to date – Part time

Descriptions: As data analysis specialist, I have carried out several quantitative and qualitative data analysis assignments using SPSS and Content analysis

Key Roles/Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Data clearing, coding and entry
  • Data analysis and data presentation

Key Achievements:

  • For each assignment I managed to create organized data packages with clear information required for report writing and future references.

2. Researcher, Mvomero District and Rombo District, 2015 to 2019

Descriptions: As an Independent researcher, I have conducted various researches in different community development issues

Key Roles/Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Concept and Proposal development
  • Data collection, coding entry and analysis
  • Report writing and presentation

Key Achievements:

Successfully conducted different research including studies titled;

  • Factors behind differential outcomes from implementation of Land Use Plan in Mvomero District - 2019
  • Changing of gender roles and relations at household level: A case of Rombo District – 2016

3. Research Assistant, Different researches, 2014 to date – Part time

Descriptions: I have participated in more than 25 studies in which I perform specific tasks including; Literature review, Research design, Data collection, Data entry as well as analysis and Report writing as well as presentation.

Key Roles/Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Concept and Proposal development
  • Data collection, coding, clearing, entry as well as analysis and Report writing

Key Achievements:

  • I work together effectively with research teams and managed to conduct different studies in various topics including; health based researches, education curriculum, gender, agriculture, children, youth and teenagers, land use management, Income generating activities, women and development, HIV/AIDS and other research areas.

4. Project Monitoring and Evaluator Expert, Morogoro, 2017 to date – Part time

Descriptions: Participated in evaluation of different projects as external evaluator in evaluation team and as team leader

Key Roles/Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Inception report development and development of Evaluation Methodology
  • Data collection, coding, entry, analysis and Report writing

Key Achievements:

  • Applied theoretical knowledge on monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Managed to asses M&E system and develop required Evaluation methodology.
  • Evaluated project and come up with a useful recommendations for implementers

5. Social Impact Assessment (SIA) – Team leader, Morogoro, 2018

Descriptions: Social Impact Assessment (SIA) of, Abattoir Construction Project

Key Roles/Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Leading SIA team and Managing SIA tasks
  • Developing SIA Methodology
  • Data collection, Data analysis and Report writing

Key Achievements and Career Progression:

  • Succeeded to coordinate and manage Social Impact Assessment Team and conduct an assessment for construction project successfully.
  • Managed to identify possible impacts of the project and develop strategies to minimize negative impacts and to take advantages of positive impacts.
  • Assessed and evaluated community social and economic issues at local level and integrate it with macro/national level policies and strategies.