About Me

My name is Melkisedeck Leon Shine, I am Community Development Expert, Project Manager, Researcher and Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning expert holding Master of Project Management & Evaluation and Bachelor of Rural Development with experience of 7 (seven) years. I am;

I have been working in various activities including; research and project programing, project planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation and in research & evaluation design as well as coordination.

I have also worked in gender mainstreaming, community mobilization, resources management, entrepreneurship development, agriculture extension and other activities related with community development.

Melkisedeck Leon Shine is a Project Manager, Researcher and Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning expert with Master of Project Management & Evaluation and Bachelor of Rural Development

Melkisedeck Leon Shine

Skills and Competencies

Managerial skills

Inter and Intra organization coordination and management, Planning and allocation of resources, Resources management and coordination,

Project/program Planning and Implementation

Logical framework analysis, Project cycle application, Project programming (policy analysis), Proposal development, Activities planning and scheduling, coordination of project implementation and M&E system

Monitoring and Evaluation

M&E system designing and coordination, M&E indicators development and use, M&E tools design and use, Feedback/Communication management


Problem analysis, Literature review, Research design, Data collection and analysis, Report writing and presentation

Community Development

Poverty and Policy Analysis, Community mobilization, Gender analysis and mainstreaming, Natural resources management, Conflict management, Training and facilitation, Entrepreneurship development, Agriculture extension

Computer Application

Word processing, Spreadsheet (Excel), MS Office Power Point, Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) and Web Design.

Areas of specialization

  1. Project Planning and Appraisal,
  2. Project Monitoring and Evaluation,
  3. Development Planning,
  4. Gender and Development,
  5. Social Science research Methodology,
  6. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment,
  7. Impact Evaluations,
  8. Agriculture and Development,
  9. Agriculture Extension,
  10. Training and Facilitation,
  11. Entrepreneurship Development,
  12. Community Development issues.

Working Experience

I am Mainly engaging in research and project management and evaluation.

I have an experience of research methodology including research design, data collection and analysis as well as reporting and presentation of findings.

In Project management and evaluation I have an experience of project planning, monitoring and evaluation. I am also engaging in agriculture entrepreneurship, web development.

I am an activist at AckySHINE Charity which is my Personal Program and I am Author at Tanzania Social Development Guide


I am current available for;

  1. Full Time
  2. Part Time
  3. Online consultation


Mobile phone : +255 757 310 426

Email address: melkisedeckleon@gmail.com

Alternative email address: info@ackyshine.com

Melkisedeck Leon Shine